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Digital datarooms are online repository for files, documents, confidential documents and other data. Digital data rooms can be used for business transactions, due diligence and other projects requiring secure storage of documents and sharing.

All of these activities require the examination of a huge amount of sensitive information. For big deals, this could be tens of thousands of highly sensitive documents that need to be examined by the right individuals to make the best decision. If the information is not shared correctly it could result in security risks, and even legal actions.

A virtual dataroom enables teams to read documents on their own and simultaneously, freeing them from geographical limitations. They can also share information in a systematic manner and track access via an attendance register. In addition, most providers provide a range of features to control access and prevent leaks and manipulations of documents that are not authorized such as watermarks.

Digify offers advanced branding capabilities that allow you to design custom login screens, backgrounds, and email templates for your data room. These options are ideal to give your data room a clean, professional appearance that can make you more attractive to investors. Analytics is a useful tool that provides information on who has been reading your documents and the length of time. With this information you can pinpoint potential investors and move forward with your proposal. Start a free trial today and experience the future of digital data rooms for yourself.

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