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Virtual meeting software offers an alternative to in-person meetings or long phone calls that can drain your energy. It allows you to gather clients and colleagues around the world to collaborate on projects, work through problems, and check in with each other.

If you’re planning to hold the event or simply want to meet online with handful of people, you’ll be able to do so easily using dial-in conference calling software like Dialpad Meetings. It lets you customize your meeting room and provides users with unique meeting URLs backgrounds, video layouts, backgrounds and music on hold to create a meeting experience that feels like a personal conference call.

Modern virtual meeting apps offer whiteboards, real-time editing and a chat function that allows participants to collaborate and share screens. Having these capabilities can improve meeting productivity and reduce the time spent trying to keep up with the presentations or keeping track of what each participant is typing.

Recording meetings is another great feature of virtual meeting software. This is a great solution for attendees that can’t be able to attend a live meeting due to scheduling conflicts, travel issues or other unexpected interruptions. Recordings allow attendees to examine important information or to watch or listen to the entire conference when needed.

Create an agenda for your virtual meeting, and follow it throughout. Plan a short summary to be completed at the conclusion of your meeting. Discuss the outcomes of the meeting and who will be responsible for implementing the action items. Also, make sure that your meetings are completed on time and send follow-up emails to all attendees using the same email thread as the original meeting invitation.

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