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Virtual data rooms (VDRs) allow businesses to share important documents with investors, clients and company leaders over the internet in a secure environment. VDRs can eliminate physical paperwork and associated costs, such as storage and printing, while providing better due diligence control and efficiency.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A transactions may involve numerous documents that need to be thoroughly reviewed. VDRs make the due diligence process more efficient by allowing both parties to collaborate in one location and cutting down on meeting costs. In addition, the best online data room providers offer advanced features such as document indexing and redaction (blacking out areas of files so that personally-identifiable information remains private).


Venture capitalists or BD partners will typically ask you to answer a number of written diligence questions. This could lead to several sets of documents. By sharing these answers and questions in a VDR and with viewer permissions depending on the person who is an investor or a partner you can avoid the needless disclosure and make the process more efficient.

Strategic Partnerships

Similar to M&A when it comes to strategic partnerships you will likely need to share a considerable amount of data with third parties. This is easily done with the help of a VDR, which allows you to organize your documents and make them available to the people you wish to have access to them. A quality VDR allows you to modify your own terms and conditions which all users must agree to prior to accessing your data.

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