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VDR (Vault Data Recorder) is an electronic device that records the voyage data from all sensors on the vessel. These devices store a wide array of information such as the position, speed and depth of the vessel under varying sea conditions. VDRs are able endure extreme weather, collisions, and even fire. VDRs are the equivalent of the black box in airplanes. The analysis of FDR data has been crucial in reducing the number and severity of accidents caused by airlines. Analyzing VDR data is expected to result in a reduction in maritime accidents.

When choosing a vdr consider the following features:

A user-friendly interface. A vdr needs to be intuitive and easy to use on any device to enable your team to look over the data anytime and wherever it is needed. It should also support various screen resolutions so that it is accessible across multiple devices. You should look for an interactive index structure that permits users to move files and folders around in real-time. A vdr must also allow tags to be added to documents to organize them beyond standard folder structures.

Secure document storage. Look for a vdr equipped with a variety of security features, such as multi-factor authentication or encryption to stop hacking. It should also include the option to save and open encrypted files in order to protect the data during storage.

A reliable vdr system should have a backup server in the event of a malfunction on the primary one. Ask the provider about their uptime and downtime, and then compare them to other providers on the market. In addition to this ensure that they have a an onsite support staff that can assist you with questions at any time of the day or all night.

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