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A board portal is an online platform that lets directors collaborate on documents access meeting materials, collaborate on documents and more. They also provide a simple way to track communication and governance actions that ensure transparency, accountability and a solid decision-making process.

A top-quality online board portal is an effective tool for companies looking to simplify their meetings, increase communication and increase productivity. However, not all portals are made to be the same. If you’re arranging demos with potential portal vendors it is important to ask the right questions to determine the most suitable option for your business.

Examining a provider’s support level should be the top priority. Look for a team that can assist you with the initial setup of your portal, answer any questions you have about its features and capabilities, and provide ongoing training and support. They are available 24 hours throughout the day to ensure you have access to the resources you require at any time you require them.

A board management program with an intuitive user interface will allow your board members to begin with minimal training. Make sure the software you choose has an attractive, well-organized layout and a simple navigation system to make it easy for everyone to navigate your board’s online meeting space.

Think about a solution that includes task management. This feature is essential to ensure that board members are productive and have successful meetings. You can assign tasks to the members and monitor the progress of each member in real-time. You can also make an agenda for a previous meeting and use it to save time by planning the next one.

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