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A virtual data room (VDR) is a secure online platform for sharing, storing and examining documents. They’re typically used for due diligence or fundraising, and provide an extensive access rights and version control.

To make the most of a VDR you must be aware of the type of data that will be uploaded and how it’ll be stored. Begin by defining your desired outcome, such as an investment recommendation before moving backwards from there to identify the kinds of data that may be required.

You’ll need to make a comprehensive directory of all the documents you’ll be sharing for legal documents, such as articles of incorporation as well as shareholder agreements and intellectual property filings, and operational documents like customer lists and supplier contracts, as well as employee handbooks. You should also include any market research reports or competitive analysis that you’ve done. Include any quotes from actual customers who have encountered your brand.

It’s also helpful to have a section for Q&A where investors can ask questions or raise issues which helps keep the discussion on track and productive. It’s important to choose the right tool with advanced commenting features. This will allow you to create notes on documents with no other users viewing them, and will create a central space for communication.

Use a solution with an activity log so you can track how your data is accessed and ensure that everyone is adhering to the rules for file handling. It is also recommended to consider using watermarks to minimize the risk of document theft or accidental alteration, and offer easy-to-use training materials and workshops to help familiarize new users to the platform.

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