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As increasing business – including board meetings – is conducted via remote it’s crucial to know how to handle the potential problems. Whether it’s reducing engagement or creating a secure meeting space There are a few best practices that must be followed to ensure that your next remote board meeting is as productive as it can be.

The most difficult thing is to ensure that all board members feel comfortable using the software for virtual meetings. Although most modern board management tools are intuitive to use but some board members may have trouble adjusting to the change. Offering plenty of training prior to the actual meeting can make this transition easier. Also, allowing attendees to test the software prior to the meeting can be beneficial.

It’s important that each member can contribute to the agenda during the meeting. This keeps the discussion focused and stops it from straying into unproductive territory. It’s helpful to have someone in place who can supervise the discussion and control the flow.

It’s important to conclude the meeting by summarizing the discussions as well as the major results. This will reinforce the most important lessons for your board members so they can continue pushing forward the organization throughout the time between meetings. It is also a good idea to solicit feedback at the conclusion of the meeting so that everyone feels like their views were heard.

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