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Online board meetings can be a beneficial instrument for making informed decisions. If they aren’t well run, they can lead boringness and low levels of engagement. Use these tips to make your virtual meetings more enjoyable and improve productivity.

Discuss the agenda with attendees prior to the meeting, so that everyone has an understanding of what will be discussed. Also, consider asking your board members to watch from a quiet space without distractions. Additionally, ask attendees to use your virtual meeting software’s “raise hand” function when they want to speak in order to avoid talking too much and missing the point.

Establish a maximum time limit for each topic to ensure that the meeting stays focused on the most important issues. This will allow everyone to take part and prevents discussions from straying off topic or distracting others. Encourage your group to turn off their microphones when not speaking to reduce background noises, such as pets, children and coworkers.

Finally, try to conclude the meeting on time since it shows respect for your fellow board members’ time. It is also a good practice to release the minutes when the meeting concludes. It can also help streamline the process of recording and sending minutes making use of the built-in features in the software you use to manage your board such as inline task delegation.

This will ensure that everyone is on the same page with regards to what transpired during the meeting and what needs to be done between meetings.

article source about Navigating Boardroom Security with Confidence

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