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Asset management, which is an approach that is strategic in long-term maintenance planning as well as operational planning can help ensure that physical assets are aligned with the company’s overall goals. Instead of relying on available budgets or guessing about future needs, strategic asset management enables decision makers to draw on data on condition and ensure that service level requirements are in line with budgetary objectives for sustainable infrastructure and facilities.

This strategy relies on a team that has a shared vision. This means that the people who operate and manage your assets are a critical element in the process as they are familiar with your equipment inside out. They can provide valuable information on how to improve your processes and procedures and can have a significant impact on the asset management program. Having these employees involved from the beginning can also assist in ensuring that everyone is on the same page when defining your strategy.

A strong strategic asset management plan begins by identifying and storing all your assets, together with their locations, and conditions. This helps you determine your most important assets and make a list of the maintenance priorities. You can then use this information to carry out a variety of additional initiatives like simplifying work orders, increasing uptime and improving the quality of reporting.

Assessing the impact of asset-management decisions on your community is an crucial aspect. This includes weighing immediate costs and benefits against the long-term savings and benefits, and evaluating their effect on the environment.

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