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Security is a continual active and dynamic task that requires effective communication among all parties within the company. Whether it’s keeping data secure or reducing risk, as well as communicating with the board and C-Suite about the latest threats and risks, security professionals must be in a position to provide clear and concise information about their progress without becoming bogged down in technical details. A lot of cybersecurity reports are complicated technical and difficult to comprehend for the average reader. This stops security teams from communicating clearly about risk and security programs, which is essential to prevent breaches and keeping your company secure.

While creating a cyber security report, it is crucial to remember that the primary audience is not the IT department, but the board of directors. Cybersecurity reporting should focus on risk to business rather than technology, in order to be able to reach out to the board and aid them in understanding their company’s exposure to risk.

If, for example, the report states that outdated software is responsible for the majority of the security vulnerabilities in the enterprise, it should be clear about the effects on the bottom line. It is also essential to ensure that the report of security risks is easily understood by non-technical people particularly as regulatory compliance and framework alignement are becoming increasingly important topics for many boards.

Fortunately, UpGuard offers a library of templates for reports which are optimized to meet the main reporting expectations of the board and the senior management. These templates combine the security performance information that is often requested by the Board, such as vendor summaries which highlight key metrics, like vulnerability management performance and third-party vulnerability to attack. These reports can be created quickly and then exported as PowerPoint slides, which eliminates the need to prepare for board meetings.

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