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Deal management is the process that your sales team uses to help prospects move through the pipeline of sales. This includes prospecting, qualification, needs analysis, proposal/presentation, negotiation/objection handling, and closing. This includes post-sales sales marketing to ensure that your clients are happy.

Deal management is a fantastic method to increase the efficiency of your team, standardize practices and increase conversions. To get started, you’ll want to assess your current sales processes and identify areas of improvement. From there, you can create internal procedures, checklists or playbooks that are specific to your particular investment processes.

The benefits of dealing management focus include

Improved visibility of the sales pipelineInstead of tracking their progress on various spreadsheets or emails, your teams can collaborate in real-time in a secure place to manage their deals. This lets them decide which deals to prioritize based upon signals from the entire pipeline.

Increased efficiency Through automation and reducing the administrative tasks your sales team will be able to devote more time on high-value activities. For instance, utilizing an application that can automatically inform the next person involved in the handover process, reduces time that is spent on manual tasks as well as the risk of overlooking important details.

Better performance monitoring – Analyzing the data from deals can provide your teams a nudge on how to improve their performance at different stages in the investment process. For instance, if find that your team is losing deals due to poor pricing, you can utilize a software to help you optimize discount levels.

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