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Online board meetings are a great way to keep in touch without putting your coworkers or yourself at risk. Attendees don’t need to rework their schedules, or even block out all day for a trip across different time zones. This gives them more flexibility when scheduling meetings. Board members who are overseas to attend despite quarantine and travel restrictions.

Like all meetings, the success of an online board meeting depends on effective preparation and clear communication. It’s essential to establish some ground rules to help ensure that everyone on the board is engaged and able to follow along in the discussion. This could include asking remote attendees to turn off their phones in silent or vibrate modes, and reminding them not to sit on a window that could cause unwelcome glare on the screen.

Another method to boost engagement is to incorporate video during the meeting, instead of relying solely on audio. This will let attendees see each other and better understand body speech, which is hard to do on the phone or computer. It also makes it easier for the chair to identify who is speaking and give them the floor, especially when there are several participants.

It’s also vital to have an effective document storage system because boards handle many sensitive data. A dedicated system can centralize all documents in a single place, with administrators capable of limiting access Extra resources and assign permissions. It can also help facilitate collaboration and improve productivity between meetings by assigning tasks which are later tracked and monitored.

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