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Board pack software assembles the required information into a single file that directors can access from their computers, tablets or smartphones. Board members no longer have to communicate using non-secure channels, such as email. All documents are always presented in their most recent version. If an amendment or report is needed, it can be instantly added to the board pack. Everyone will receive an instant notification.

It can be tempting to include as much information into your board’s agenda as you can to ensure compliance and offer value when organizing a meeting, but doing this can confuse and overburden board directors who require clear, concise and easy to read reports. The best boards balance strict compliance and providing value to their clients by making use of templates, incorporating logically ordered information, sticking to precise language and staying clear of excessively technical content.

The chair of the board bears the sole responsibility for the contents of the board’s pack, and they must take charge of ensuring that the contents are relevant and useful. Board members are busy and might not have the time to read and absorb a pack for board members in two weeks. The ideal timeframe for submitting board documents is between 7 and 10 days, which will give members plenty of time to study and comprehend the content before the meeting.

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