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In the event that they serve as a strategic decision-making body or a framework for governance meeting of the board is crucial to the success of any organization. The way the board meetings are run can affect their effectiveness, regardless of the importance they have.

Creating an effective board meeting requires a strategic plan to ensure that every meeting is lively and results in meaningful discussions. A flexible agenda that prioritizes the most important issues and allocates enough time to each item of discussion is a good way to begin.

In addition to establishing specific goals for the meeting, ensuring that the board members are prepared and given material for the meeting is an additional crucial step to make board meetings more productive. Also, preparing precise and concise minutes of meetings that record discussions and decisions along with action items with associated time frames is a crucial element for successful board meetings.

By limiting time spent on routine items and reports, you can spend more time engaging in impactful discussions. A good rule of thumb is to spend less than 25 percent of the meeting on routine tasks and reports.

Sidetracked by topics which do not directly impact the goals of the company Board members can lose valuable time and diminish the amount of time available to strategic planning and thinking. To prevent this from happening most boards have parking spaces at the end of the agenda, to move any non-priority items that require discussion into subsequent meetings.

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