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With cybersecurity becoming a hot topic of discussion at April’s ISC West and ISC West, many integrators are considering whether to deploy access control or encryption security solutions. Both have advantages however encryption is a more secure option for securing data and information from hackers.

Data encryption helps keep sensitive information secure by transforming it into a code that can only be decoded with a special key. It’s used on everything from websites that use SSL to virtual private network (VPNs), protecting the data that is transmitted between a computer or network and data stored in databases and transferred via the internet.

While this is a beneficial security measure, it’s not foolproof. For example, if the encryption algorithm isn’t secure or the key is discovered, it can be circumvented. That’s why encryption should be paired with other security measures, like the use of authentication and strict data access control.

Access control is a broad term that refers to the limitations of who is able to access the space and when. For instance, restricting access to a campus by gates, building locks, and rooms. Or, restricting the connectivity of a device to a system by firewalls, IPS/IDS, and other restrictions on network or hardware. There are also many options to implement an logical access control system, such as access management based on roles, as well as other tools.

Encryption is an essential piece of the puzzle required by businesses to protect their data from cyberattacks. It’s usually required or strongly supported by compliance regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS and GDPR.

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